Cloud Services

Cloud services can be defined as on demand computing resources

ServiceNet Cloud

ServiceNet offers Infrastructure as a service (IAAS) as an optional service.
The Agency is able to manage the consumed computing resources via the Client administration portal (VCloud Director).

Agencies can leverage:-

  • Several pre-defined Virtual Machine templates which can be provisioned within minutes and available on the Client Administration portal
  • Clients can access Cloud architecture with the capability to provide secure isolation while still delivering the management and flexibility benefits of shared resources
  • ServiceNet Clients have direct connectivity to the ServiceNet Cloud

ServiceNet Cloud Direct

ServiceNet has a direct fibre connection to both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services public cloud.
This connection to the public cloud is available as an optional service for ServiceNet Clients.

Benefits of using ServiceNet Cloud Direct:

  • ability to leverage existing ServiceNet link
  • charged per Mbps connection per Month (with a 50Mbps minimum), any Azure and AWS fees still apply
  • no ServiceNet establishment fee cost, unless there is a specific client requirement specified
  • leverage off ServiceNet security, with traffic to traverse a secure private fibre link