Service Desk

This page can help you with:

  • Change requests
  • Incident reports
  • Information requests

Please note:

  1. Your organisation must be a client of ServiceNet and you must be previously authorised as a representative of your organisation.
  2. All clients paying for Internet traffic with ServiceNet receive their first 2 hours of monthly support as a complimentary service. Your organisation will incur charges for work where ServiceNet is not at fault.

Helpdesk jobs with ServiceNet must be raised by telephone or email as below.

Telephone: 1800 647 716 (recommended for Severity/Priority 1 and 2 requests)

Email: form below

*required fields

* required field

* Your name

* Your title

* Your organisation

* Your email

* Your contact phone number

* Type of request

* Summary of the request

* Severity/Priority of the request
(Incident response times)

It is recommended that you phone the Service Desk for Severity/Priority 1 and 2 requests

Date/time required for the request (mainly for CHANGE requests)

* Details of the request

* ServiceNet client
My organisation is a client of ServiceNet and I am authorised to raise Helpdesk jobs.

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The escalation process

Service Desk procedures The service will be operational 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. The normal business hours of duty for the Service Desk support services are: 7:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday excluding public holidays On-call arrangements all other times (Severity 1 / 2 calls only) Service requests can be raised …

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SLA – measures

ServiceNet services are underpinned by contracted SLA. Please raise Service Desk requests here. Severity 1. Critical Where there is a problem that affects an entire business function, application or particular Customer’s client agency’s executive staff, and where there is the potential for adverse effects on business, loss of revenue or public (or political) repercussions. eg: …

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