ServiceNet provides Internet services to approximately 92,000 WA State Government FTE’s and over 250,000 students.
ServiceNet currently services more than 90% of WA Government Internet demand.

In order to deliver a dependable highly available Internet Service, ServiceNet provides:

  • Access to a fully redundant network across multiple Data Centres in WA – delivering secure and high Internet performance to Government
  • Multiple Tier One Internet Providers connected to ServiceNet.
  • Secure Access to interagency network through ServiceNet IDS/IPS systems
  • Access to the Public Cloud (AWS and Azure) – Additional charges apply

ServiceNet operates on a consumption model where Agencies are charged per GB (Gigabyte) downloaded.

ServiceNet offers High speed Internet access, along with:

  • No charge for uploads
  • No Charge for interagency traffic
  • No Charges for WA Internet Exchange Internet traffic, Cache engines

ServiceNet Clients are able to connect to ServiceNet with a link speed of up to 10 Gbps (where available from their carrier).

ServiceNet does not levy an additional charge for this feature.


Government business needs may not be easily translated to technical requirements in an online environment. We have experience with many and varied online applications for WA Government agencies and may be able to assist with your Project.

Our Services include:

  • Work with your Agencies IT Team and other industry groups to achieve your objectives
  • Knowledge of WA Government policies and strategies that may influence your Project
  • Cost minimisation through the sharing of expertise and resources within a trusted and cooperative environment
  • Access to a highly secure firewall protected Intranet/Internet network, with 24×7 network monitoring, twin loadshared firewalls, redundant systems, intrusion detection and virus scanning. These systems are designed to provide a secure, high availability network specifically engineered for the exacting requirements of Government